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1 Are physical therapists doctors? Company
2 Can a physical therapist help me avoid surgery? Physical Therapy
3 Do I have a co-payment? Patient
4 Do I need a referral? Patient
5 What are the benefits of athletic performance training? Sports Performance
6 How do I know what my insurance will cover? Patient
7 Is physical therapy covered by my health insurance? Physical Therapy
8 What can physical therapists help me accomplish? Physical Therapy
9 What diagnoses can physical therapy help? Physical Therapy
10 What if I have questions about my account or statement? Patient
11 What if I need a payment plan? Patient
12 What if my insurance benefit runs out before I am done with rehabilitation? Patient
13 What if there is no insurance and I need to pay out of my own funds? Patient
14 What is physical therapy? Multiple
15 What is the difference between Anaerobic, Lactate, Ventilatory, and Threshold? Sports Performance